Yamata (also referred to as Yamata-san) is a UNITY operative working with Cate Archer while on assignment in Japan.

In 1968, Yamata accompanied Archer to the waterfall just outside the gates of Inotakimura. As Archer was set to infiltrate the town to photograph an international crime convention, she instructed Yamata to wait with the Car. Yamata responded that it was not like her to be cynical. Archer called it a hunch that something about this assignment felt wrong.

From Yamata's reaction to her orders, it sounds like he had worked with her before.

After taking a photo of The Director, Archer returned to the waterfall in search of Yamata. She arrived just in time to see him struck down by Isako. After a confrontation, Isako stabs Archer with her Katana and departs.

The UNITY Intercept Team found Yamata's body near the wounded Archer as they rushed in to rescue her and return with her to Tokyo.

The voice actor for Yamata is unknown at this point in time.
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