NOLF1 Crane

The Windsor F-4000 Crane.

The Windsor F-4000 Crane is a type of construction equipment used to help in the assembling of tall buildings.

The Windsor F-4000 Crane was present at the top of the new Dumas Towers under construction in England. Mr. Smith instructed Cate Archer to use the crane to close the gap between the new tower and the already completed tower. It would get her close enough to use the Belt Buckle zip-cord to cross between the two buildings.

Archer found two memos regarding the use of the Windsor F-4000 Crane. The first reminded workers that only authorized personnel allowed access to the crane. Violators would be fined 40 Pounds per infraction. Foreman Stephens accused the maintenance department of joy-riding on the crane and demanded that they stop.

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