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The Federal German Republic (aka West Germany) was a country in central Europe that had been separated from East Germany after the end of World War II. The non-communist Allied forces had occupied West Germany. Switzerland is located to the south. France is located to the east. Czechoslovakia is located to the west.

Part of the Alps are located in West Germany. Baron Archibald Dumas and Baroness Dumas spend a holiday at the Dumas Chateau in the German Alps. It was destroyed by an infected Baron Dumas when he exploded.

Before his assassination, the American ambassador to West Germany was Morris Monroe.

West Germany is a member of NATO.

Inge Wagner had several run in with the West German authorities on her musical and crime career.

West German custom officials had discovered some suspicious containers on a Finnish cargo freighter. Instead of confiscating the material, they informed UNITY so that it could be tracked to it's destination.

UNITY has a safe house in West Germany. This safe house allowed Santa to perform a briefing on Cate Archer's lighter and lipstick.

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