UNITY's man on the inside of East Germany, Werner Von Haupt is the contact that Cate Archer is instructed to rendezvous with in Berlin.

Von Haupt waits for Archer on the inside of the STASI Records and Research Facility. He is annoyed by Archer's tardiness, but accepts her apology. He then provides her with a visitor ID card that identifies her as the Commandant's niece, Hana. Von Haupt states that he would not be able to assist Archer if she is caught. Before Archer leaves, von Haupt provides her with an intelligence item (if she apologizes at the start of the conversation) or chastises her if she is rude.

Von Haupt will use one of the cheesy pick up line code phrases developed by a member of the UNITY Cryptography Department. I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

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