This is a list of notable websites related to the No One Lives Forever series.

Official and Community websitesEdit

Community sites Edit

  • NOLF Girl Features a list of the weapons and gadgets obtainable throughout the game.
  • UnityHQ Community site that provides help and support for all the NOLF games. They have digitally signed installers for all three games, as well as patches and a lot of mods. They are the only community site running game servers for NOLF and NOLF2.
  • NOLF Revival Site that provides downloads of all three NOLF games, with fan patches for things such as modern wide-screen support and multiplayer access.
  • One Oak Way A site that hosts several multiplayer servers, all with extra maps and a few mods.
  • Spawnsite A Dedit editing site with NOLF downloads such as: Custom Map packs, tools and a custom map database.
  • |eGo|Clan The "Elite Gaming Organization"- Clan founded in 24th August 2005. It is the last surviving clan in NOLF. Hosts weekly some matches on their own public servers, also the last one providing multiplayer servers in Europe. Maps and NOLF can be downloaded in English and German.
  • Live Serverlist - An online list of running NOLF gameservers and players, provided by the |eGo| Clan.
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