Vinny is a member of the Franco Syndicate sent by Louie Franco to kill John Jack at The Drunken Scotsman. As Jack was approaching his car parked in the back, he overheard the following conversation.

Vinny: "Hey Joe!"
Joe: "Yeah."
Vinny: "Do you know what a spark plug looks like?"
Joe: "No, why?"
Vinny: "We're trying to sabotage his car, but, uh, we don't know how?"
Joe: "Idiot! Just drop a hand grenade in the engine."
Vinny: "Great idea. Uh, but we can't figure out how to open the hood!"
Joe: "Never mind, then. We'll just have to kill him instead!"
Sal: "Vinny look at this I keyed his fender."
Vinny: "That ain't right, Sal. Sabotage is one thing. Vandalism... now that's just inexcusable."
Sal: "Sorry."

Vinny was obviously one of the three thugs around Jack's car when he gets there. But the conversation ends before Jack arrives.
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