NOLF2 VacummCleaner

A vacuum cleaner found in the home of Melvin Blitzny.

A Vacuum Cleaner is a cleaning device used to suck up dirt and particles into a collection bag for disposal. Due to the nature of the machinery involved, it is quite noisy.

While Cate Archer was going through Advanced Field Tactics training at UNITY Headquarters, she overheard two UNITY employees talking about Carrington's team and how they were working on an ultra quiet vacuum cleaner. They wondered if it was suppose to be such a big secret, why did UNITY keep talking about it in the UNITY Newsletter.

This device is never actually used within the game.

Melvin Blitzny is a vacuum cleaner salesman from Akron, Ohio. He thought of this career as a form of art, but really wanted to be a spy. When Archer entered Blitzny's abandoned home, she found several vacuum cleaners around the building.

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