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"Undersea" is the twelfth mission for No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way There are four scenes that can be found in this chapter.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Cate has snuck aboard H.A.R.M.'s top secret underwater base in an effort to rescue Magnus Armstrong from certain death. Her first task will be to locate him. Information on his whereabouts should be stored in the supercomputer.

Once Armstrong is free, the two of them will have to improvise an escape route as Cate's shark mini-sub only seats one.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Scene 1: Submarine Bay[edit | edit source]

General Morgan Hawkins walks into a bar and orders a Whiskey in order to drink away his problems. The Director takes a seat next to him and starts a conversation about trouble in the office.

Secret Underwater H.A.R.M. Base
Aegean Sea

Archer's shark mini-sub approaches the secret underwater base and docks in the submarine bay. She starts infiltrating the base in search of information about Armstrong. Archer finds information on the new H.A.R.M. mission statement and then finds the umbilical connection to the command deck.

Scene 2: Command Deck[edit | edit source]

Archer starts exploring the command deck. Here she has her first encounter with the H.A.R.M. Bots. After she gets pass them, she finds the Super Computer, however the entry that she has submitted is invalid. The computer recommends that she get the Super Computer User Manual from the Super Computer Services Department. Archer requests the manual from Spencer at the services department, but he informs her that she needs a Requisition Form 207-B with the correct item number to obtain the manual. Archer then searches for the requisition form and returns it to the services department. Spencer then informs her that Chris Hibbard has checked out the manual, but since she is cute, he will give her a copy of the Underwater Base Security Card to let her gain access and retrieve the manual. Archer retrieves the manual and returns the card to Spencer (so he doesn't call security on her) and returns to the computer. However the user manual was version 1.0 and she needs the version 2.0 commands. Archer returns to Spencer only to discover that he has left for a potty break. She tracks him down and retrieves the Super Computer Services Card to gain access to his office. After finding the 2.0 user manual, Archer returns to the computer and retrieves the information she is looking for. The Director wants to turn Armstrong into a super soldier and they are holding him on sublevel 4. Archer heads in that direction.

Scene 3: Crew Deck[edit | edit source]

While exploring the crew deck, Archer overhears two H.A.R.M. employees talking about using at Tape Recorder to bypass the voice activated locks. Archer is able to locate the tape recorder and use it to access other areas of the base.

Scene 4: Laboratories[edit | edit source]

Having made it to the laboratories, Archer continues to search for Armstrong. She encounters more H.A.R.M. scientists, thugs and bots. After sneaking past them (and collecting more intelligence) she enters sublevel 4.

Memorable quotes[edit | edit source]

"That morale officer is a serious liability."
"Aw, come on, she's not that bad."
"How am I supposed to feel intimidating in a pink uniform? And what kind of self respecting evil organization has a slogan like: Good at being bad. Bad at being good?"
"I kind of like it. Besides, it got shot down anyway."
"That's not my point. It never should have been proposed in the first place. Where's the menace?"
"Give her a break. This is her first time in a criminal organization. She use to work at a breakfast cereal company."
"Good Lord!"

-H.A.R.M. Thugs

"Greetings. To check out the Super Computer User Manual, please submit a completed Requisition Form 207-B. The requisition form must include the correct Item Number, which you can find in the Super Computer Services Product Catalogue. To requisition a Super Computer Services Product Catalogue, please submit a completed Requisition Form 207-B. The Item Number for the Super Computer Services Product Catalogue can be found in the Super Computer Services Product Catalogue."


"Are you feeling any better today, Chuck?"
"No, my deformed friend. Like all quantities, horror has its ultimate. And I'm that."
"Hey, that's from The Brain That Wouldn't Die, right? I love that movie. I never through I'd be able to relate to Jan in the Pan."

-H.A.R.M. Man-Crates

"Did you hear we basically swept the Evil Academy Awards?"
"Yeah, but I don't get it. Project: Lambda was a disaster."
"Sure, but name one organization that pulled off a successful caper last year."
"Good point."
"We lost out to Evil Alliance in logo design and Misery Inc. in the fashion categories, but you gotta admit Lambda showed a lot of ambition and panache."
"I'll be waiting to see what happens next year. I think Omega is going to turn a lot of heads."

-H.A.R.M. Employees

References[edit | edit source]

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List of Random items that can be found in this mission.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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