NOLF2 IsakoHiddenKatana

Isako draws her hidden Katana from her parasol.

An Umbrella (also called a Parasol) is a device used to protect a the user from various forms of weather. A folding canopy can be extended over a user and held in place by a rod.

On September 19 at 5:00pm, Commissioner Maurice Albert was on his way to Club Metropole in Monte Carlo when he was poked with an Umbrella by a "bald chap with an eyepatch". The man only said "aur revoir" and handed him a Lilly. Unbeknownst to Commissioner Albert, the Umbrella was a delivery device that injected the chemical Bio-weapon developed by Dr. Shenker. This turned Commissioner Albert into a walking time bomb that went off and destroyed the club and everyone inside.

Isako had a modified Umbrella that she used to hide a Katana. This allowed her to be armed while out in public. She utilized this weapon when she first confronted Cate Archer in Inotakimura, Japan.

Later when Isako had tracked down Archer to the home of Melvin Blitzny in Akron, Ohio, Isako used the Umbrella to escape from the Mobile Home that had been picked up by a Tornado.


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