NOLF2 UNITYInterceptTeam

A UNITY Intercept Team in action in Calcutta.

The UNITY Intercept Team is a specialized team of UNITY agents that can be sent at a moments notice to a trouble spot around the world. They are under the command of Bruno Lawrie, the Temporary Director of UNITY and operate out of UNITY Headquarters.

Set UpEdit

Players can set up the look and abilities of their individual agents for the No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way cooperative missions. They can also select their various names. All models used in the game are male, but can vary by different suits or trench coats. Up to four players can perform a cooperative mission together, however nothing stops a player from performing the missions solo. The scene appropriate weapons available in the solo game can be found in these missions.

Cooperative MissionsEdit

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  • The members of the UNITY Intercept Team seen in the game are male, but the gadgets they used (such as the Lipstick Spy Camera) were designed for female agents.
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