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UNITY is the name of the intelligence organization where Cate Archer is employed. The goal of UNITY is to protect humanity from groups or persons who want to take over the world. It's headquarters is located somewhere in England, but no exact location is given as it is classified, indicating once more what a top-secret organization this is. However, according to certain intelligence items, its headquarters is two hours away from London by plane, although it is unclear too where the HQ's airport is and the would-have-been flight's direction.

UNITY has paramilitary divisions to back up their agents in the field.

It does not appear that UNITY is affiliated with any known governments, but they do help the Western powers.

Known Divisions[]

Known Employees[]


  • Mr. Jones the director of UNITY
  • Mr. Smith assistant and right hand man of Mr. Jones who turns out to be the traitor in NOLF


Support Personnel[]

  • Bob (mentioned in personal letter)
  • Clancy Team leader in the Toymaker division
  • Emma (former staff)
  • Leon works in the Toymaker division
  • Mischa Pilot hired by Santa to fly Archer on her missions
  • Ms. Kavanaugh Secretary for Mr. Jones
  • Dr. Schenker former scientist of East Germany, who defect to the west and is now the head of scientist division
  • Phyllis (mentioned in personal letter)
  • Santa "the gadget guy", responsible for the weapons/gadgets
  • Tiffany

Known Units[]

Known Departments[]

  • Accounting Department
  • Archival Department
  • Cryptography Department
  • Records and Research Department
  • Supply Department
  • Toymaker Division

Known Equipment and Weapons[]

Known UNITY Facilities[]

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