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A Soviet Army truck in Siberia.

A Truck is a type of motorized ground vehicle that can be used to haul goods or personnel in a cargo area. Much larger than a Car, trucks are used both privately and by governments and militaries.

No One Lives Forever[]

In 1967, trucks are seen on various streets around the world including England, West Germany and the Soviet Union.

While not used as a player controlled or ridden vehicle, trucks can be seen blocking various streets on the edge of playable maps.

No One Lives Forever 2[]

Cate Archer encountered various Soviet Army trucks while attempting to infiltrate a Soviet Base in Siberia. This includes a broken down truck near the entrance to the Communications Tower, a parked truck at the Power Station and within the base itself.

When members of the Soviet Army captured Mischa, they brought him to the Communications Station in a truck.

Some trucks, when shot, will explode.

Contract J.A.C.K.[]

John Jack was able to sneak onto a Czechoslovakian Army base from the back of a moving truck. When the truck arrived at its destination, several Czechs complained about unloading the truck of its supplies.

Sharp eyed players will spot Cate Archer in Czechoslovakia as the truck passes her on the way to the base.

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