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"Trouble in the Tropics" is a level in the award-winning video game The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It is the 10th mission of the game and follows Cate Archer's infiltration of a tropical island in search of the antidote to thwart H.A.R.M.'s evil plan. It consists of four scenes and is immediately followed by the mission Low Earth Orbit.


There is a small but nonetheless intriguing possibility that H.A.R.M. is storing the antidote for the reagent at a secret research facility on an island off the coast of Mandaru.

Your first objective will be to establish whether or not such a facility even exists. If it does, you must infiltrate it and retrieve a container of the antidote.

Mission SummaryEdit

Scene 1Edit

Having covertly infiltrated the secret submarine dock of H.A.R.M.'s island base, Archer's first objective is to destroy the dock's communications system in the radio room. The security camera and alarm system can be disabled in the the area below the radio room. After the destroying the radio, Archer accesses the surface level via a shaky service elevator. During her ascent, the elevator stops abruptly right next to another faulty elevator being serviced by an maintenance man supervised by an armed guard. Following an explosion, this second elevator plummets to the ground allowing Archer to reach the top via a maintenance ladder. After sweeping the surface level, Archer uses the code breaker to exit the docking station.

Scene 2Edit

T minus 36 hours
Somewhere off the coast of Mandaru

The area outside the docking station contains a large freight of crates which are collected by a helicopter which flies back and forth to the main facility. Two guards argue about the inefficient transport of the crates. Archer follows the helicopter's route on foot until she finds a heavily guarded ancient temple hidden in the jungle. The sign above the large metal doors at the far end of the site suggest that this is the main entrance to H.A.R.M.'s secret facility. As the doors an impenetrable, Archer ventures around the temple to find another way way inside. She gains access to the facility through what appears to be an exhaust tunnel for a rocket or missile by using her belt buckle.

Scene 3Edit

Archer ventures through the exhaust tunnel to find a rocket launch site. While two scientists argue over a spontaneous "90 second test fire" Archer sabotages the rocket engine's support struts with her cigarette lighter. The test firing backfires and the scientist's are killed in the explosion. The blast draws the attention of several guards who must be apprehended before Archer can proceed with her mission.

Scene 4Edit

Having reached the heart of the facility, Archer must avoid detection at all costs and use stealth and marksmanship to remain undetected. Deeper within the compound, Archer overhears a conversation between two scientists who discuss the status of the antidote. As the antidote can only be produced in outer space, samples must be rocketed to Earth every second week. Overhearing that the next rocket is due to lift off shortly, Archer contacts headquarters and informs Mr. Jones of her intention to be aboard. After obtaining a space suit, she boards the next rocket bound for H.A.R.M.'s secret space station.

Memorable quotesEdit

"When do you go back on shift?"
"Five minutes ago."
"Heh, me too."

H.A.R.M. Thugs


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  • This is the second mission in the game where you cannot select your gear, as it is forcefully set by default to SCUBA gear.
  • Archer is only clad in SCUBA gear for Scene 1. For the rest of the mission, she wears her spy catsuit. However, she still wears her goggles and oxygen tank whenever diving underwater.
  • A part of the map that cannot be accessed in normal gameplay shows a lift with Archer, now wearing spectacles, looking at an engineer. According to a list of all the game's voice clips, the name of the engineer was supposed to be Chuck Barnes and was meant to be talking with Archer about how to "optimize propellant chemistry". It could be assumed that Archer's dubious answers to the engineer were intended to be the original method of sabotaging the test-fire, as opposed to her interference with one in progress in the final game.
    Nice little chat

    The unused conversation on the lift between Cate and the engineer.

  • The island of Mandaru is a fictional location. As it is described as "tropical" it is supposedly somewhere on or near the Earth's equator. According to the No One Lives Forever Prima's Official Strategy Guide, the island is located in the Caribbean.
  • The ancient temple in Scene 2 suggests that the island was formerly inhabited by an old civilization, along the lines of the Inca, Aztec and Maya.
  • This is the first mission since Berlin by Night that is immediately succeeded by another mission as opposed to a briefing/training level.
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