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"Trial by Gunfire" is the second mission for Contract J.A.C.K. There is only one scene with only one secret to be found in this chapter.


I took a ferry from Sicily to Malta. The coordinates in Volkov's note led me to crumbling Roman ruins outside of Kalkara.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I figured a job interview for the world's deadliest assassin wasn't likely to involve resumes and multiple choice questions. I knew I was to be put to the test. And I was prepared to cheat if necessary.


Scene 1Edit

John Jack arrives at the coordinates provided by Volkov to find a group of H.A.R.M. thugs waiting for him. Volkov sends them after Jack to see if Jack can survive the onslaught before reaching the finish line. Volkov will trigger gates to send in thugs and will open main gates as you progress by killing everyone. Sometimes even make you take a detour to spite and tease you with the finish line while you find yourself in the middle of another ambush. Try to check every stair top and room the goons come out from for goodies. It's a training level to teach player the mindset of the game by introducing bigger fights and give the glimpses of linear progressing script with crosspaths and backtracks.


In the area you find a shotgun and gate closes behind you, there's an underground area with torches on the wall to your right from the room entrance position. You must be able to peek through a small room behind the wall from a half way crack opened brick at feet level. Take a small turn ahead and follow the right wall to find a movable brick to reveal the hidden area.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Ah you made it. I admire a punctual man, Mr. Jack. Let's hope your other... virtues measure up to your dependability."

-Dmitrij Volkov


.50 HandgunAkira TanakaAmmo boxBacalov Instigator Combat ShotgunBandaidsBody ArmorCarCate ArcherCraig HubbardDmitrij VolkovFerryFirst Aid KitFlashbangGordon 9mm SubmachinegunGrenadeHamster of FuryIncendiaryJade HamsterJohn JackKalkaraKung Fu Spy of FuryMaltaMonolith PicturesRomanSamantha RyanSicilySilenced Gordon 9mm SubmachinegunWanted Poster


  • H.A.R.M. has a wanted poster of Cate Archer hanging on the wall in this mission. This is one of her few "appearances" in the game.
  • Helmet of H.A.R.M. goons will protect them from the first headshot they incur and fly off.
  • You have a short unarmed phase at the start of level where you can not attack or change weapons as Volkov talks.
  • H.A.R.M. thugs sometimes will call for "Medic!" when they're hurt, just like Czech soldiers.
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