A train in Czechoslovakia.

A Train is a series of connected transports which moves passengers and cargo along a railway. The front of the Train is pulled by an engine, run by an Engineer. The back of the train contains a Caboose. Passenger trains can contain sleeping cars, galley cars, cargo cars and refrigerator cars. Tickets are collected by the Conductor and there is usually a Passenger Roster of all passengers aboard.

No One Lives Forever[edit | edit source]

While serving as a Sapper in World War II, Sargent Magnus Armstrong was able to cripple a German supply train with nothing more than a shovel and a hand grenade. He was able to weaken the support strut for a bridge and when the heavy train reached the weakened section, it caused the bridge to collapse.

In 1967, various cargo containers was delivered to the Bremen docks via train. These containers was then loaded directly from the train onto Freighters such as the Lorelei.

At the English chemical plant owned by Dumas Industrial Enterprises, Cate Archer can hop on a train that runs through the plant. If she stays on this train it will eventually "take her" to Paris, France; Warsaw, Poland; Nairobi, Kenya and Bangkok, Thailand before returning to the plant.

The representation of visiting these sites via the train is done on a map similar to the travel scenes on the "Indiana Jones" movies.

UNITY had discovered that a possible H.A.R.M. facility was being supplied by an American Railways passenger train in western Washington. Records and Research had found records of various unscheduled stops by trains over the past three weeks. Archer was smuggled on the train in a galley car and instructed to meet up with a contact to determine how many engineers are involved and find the passenger roster. After interrogating the engineer, she was to make her way to the caboose and disconnect it so it would take her to the Dumas Lumber Company lumberyard where the H.A.R.M. was suspected to be holding Dr. Otto Schenker. Once onboard the train, Archer had to find a Stephens Railroad Company passenger ticket before she was discovered by the conductor. If she ran into trouble, she had to avoid harming any Civilians in the process.

In the underground facility located under the Dumas Chateau in West Germany, they used trains to move passengers and supplies. The train would often slip off the tracks.

Contract J.A.C.K.[edit | edit source]

When John Jack hijacked a prototype Snowmobile developed by the Czechoslovakian Army, he had to use the snowmobile to get on a supply train crossing Czechoslovakia to infiltrate a secret Rocket facility that Danger Danger was attempting to storm. When he got off the train, the Czechs attempted to neutralize him. Jack also passed several other trains within the military base.

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