A Tornado hitting Akron, Ohio.

A Tornado is a violent high-wind weather event where a column of air moves across the surface of the Earth.

After Cate Archer had found information about Project: Omega in the abandoned home of Melvin Blitzny she had to fight off Isako and her Ninjas. The weather had turned from stormy into a full blown Tornado just as Archer had made it into the Serenity Valley Trailer Court. When Archer noticed the Tornado, she asked Isako if they could postpone the fight. When Isako refused, Archer then took on the ninjas, eventually chasing Isako into a double-wide Mobile Home. It was then that the Tornado picks up the mobile home and the battle continues in the air. Isako and Archer continue their fight with Katanas while the Tornado rips apart the mobile home. Eventually Isako uses her Umbrella to fly off leaving Archer behind in the mobile home remains.

It is never shown how Archer lands, the next cut-scene is her waking up in bed back at UNITY Headquarters under the watchful eye of Dr. Schenker.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

According to the Tornado History Project website, no tornadoes hit Akron in 1968. An F1 tornado did touch down in the next county some twenty miles away. It is possible that Blitzny lived in the suburbs of Akron and not in Akron proper.

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