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"The Proposition" is the first mission for Contract J.A.C.K. There is only one scene with only one secret to be found in this chapter.


The last thing I remembered was cheap whisky and cheaper perfume. I think she said her name was Candy. I wasn't really paying attention. I just didn't want to drink alone. That was my second mistake. The first was renting a flat upstairs from The Drunken Scotsman.

Idling in a dull, throbbing semi-consciousness, I knew I was in for a rude awakening. But an apocalyptic hangover wouldn't be the worst of my problems.


Scene 1Edit

John Jack is violently woken up from a drunken hangover by two thugs from the Franco Syndicate. As Jack is struggling to get out of the chair he is tied to, Louie Franco comes on over the telephone stating that he wanted Jack to "retire" permanently from the professional hitman industry. Before they can cut Jack up with a chainsaw, he breaks free of his bonds and fights his way out of the Drunken Scotsman. As Jack fights his way to his car to escape, he gets a phone call from Dmitrij Volkov who wishes to discuss an "employment opportunity" with him.


In the second bar check the tilted painted hanging on the wall.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Whats all that shooting?"
"That Jack guy must've gotten away."
"How hard it is to chop up a guy with a chainsaw? Jeez!"

-Franco Syndicate Thugs

Vinny: "Hey Joe!"
Joe: "Yeah."
Vinny: "Do you know what a spark plug looks like?"
Joe: "No, why?"
Vinny: "We're trying to sabotage his car, but, uh, we don't know how?"
Joe: "Idiot! Just drop a hand grenade in the engine."
Vinny: "Great idea. Uh, but we can't figure out how to open the hood!"
Joe: "Never mind, then. We'll just have to kill him instead!"
Sal: "Vinny look at this I keyed his fender."
Vinny: "That ain't right, Sal. Sabotage is one thing. Vandalism... now that's just inexcusable."
Sal: "Sorry."


.50 HandgunAleAmmo boxBacalov Instigator Combat ShotgunBandaidsBody ArmorCandyChainsawCarDmitrij VolkovFirst Aid KitFish and ChipsFlashbangFranco SyndicateGravy ChipsGrenadeJoeJohn JackLagerLouie FrancoM1921-A1 SubmachinegunMarvinPerfumeSalSpark plugStoutTelephoneThe Drunken ScotsmanVinnyWhiskey


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