Little is known about the head of H.A.R.M. except for that he has a refined taste for alcoholic beverages, has a bad relationship with his mother and a very flamboyant dress code. He also has Isako, a personal ninja assassin that he once rescued at one point in the past and has 'raised' her to be one of his own. His first name is revealed to be Eustace, in a letter from his mother, that can be found in the beginning of the mission Endgame.


The Director's father died of dysentery in Kenya. The Director's mother is still alive in England and would always call the Director at the most inappropriate times. She would usually start off the conversation with how difficult it would be to get a hold of him (threatening to use carrier pigeons if she had to.) She would also berate her son for not returning home for Christmas or respecting other members of the family. She had made one attempt to see him in Japan but "somehow" the travel arrangements had been messed up. She was threatening to make a second attempt. The Director had moved out to Japan ten years earlier to get away from his mother.

The Operative: No One Lives ForeverEdit


The Director in Hamburg

Unknown to the player during the course of the game, the Director is actually seen periodically in a number of levels during Archer's missions, as a drunk man. While his appearance and his drunken behavior comes across as humorous, it is ultimately a disguise, although this doesn't become apparent until the player reaches the end of the game. He is usually seen wherever there is a bar and drinks until he can no longer stand nor speak with much importance.

NOLF Mission AppearancesEdit

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.’s WayEdit


The Director in No One Lives Forever 2

Cate Archer was sent on a mission to take reconnaissance photos of The Director, but was nearly killed by Isako, his personal ninja bodyguard. The Director is currently in league with the Soviets to invade Khios, a small island located in the Sea of Marmara, which both Soviet Union and the United States wanted for their military and strategic purposes.

Visiting a bar, the Director learns from General Morgan Hawkins that he would be eager to start World War III if the island was invaded. When Cate is captured, the Director has her placed in the Man-Handler and uses it at its highest setting, causing a malfunction that allows Cate to escape.


The Director and Isako

During the invasion of Khios, the Director sneaks into the island and observes Cate talking to Magnus Armstrong. Once Cate leaves and destroys the invading forces, the Director sneaks into the fort and raises the Soviet flag, making the trigger-happy Hawkins launch a nuclear missile as expected. The Director watches as Cate is struck by a super soldier lieutenant's laser, but is punched by Armstrong, who raises Khios' flag too late for the Americans to disable the missile. The Director manages to catch Armstrong by surprise, shooting him several times with a pistol before escaping the island.

The Director's plan ultimately failed when the island was retaken and the nuclear missile was destroyed by Lieutenant Joseph Anders. He then returned to H.A.R.M.'s Headquarters to hatch a new scheme, promising to a leaving Dmitrij Volkov the return of H.A.R.M. and its rise to power.



The Director at the end of No One Lives Forever