ContractJACK Sun

John Jack escapes from the Sun on a Czechoslovakian rocket.

The Sun (aka Sol) is a Type G Star, estimated atmospheric temperature 2 million degrees Fahrenheit. Venus, Earth, Mars and other planets are in orbit around the Sun. Meteors are also caught in the gravitational pull of the Sun.

After Il Pazzo used Explosives to destroy the H.A.R.M. Space Station, John Jack found himself thrown into space above the Moon. As Pazzo sent his thugs out to kill Jack, the gravity of the Sun starting pulling them towards it. Jack's Space Suit gave a warning that the current course would lead them to the Sun. Pazzo's right hand man wondered why they were going out to kill Jack if the Sun was going to pull him in, but Pazzo didn't want to take any chances. After the Danger Danger thugs failed to kill Jack, Pazzo shot his right hand man out of the airlock and into the Sun.


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