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The Spy Training Manual

The Spy Training Manual (subtitled: Becoming a Better Spy in 7 Easy Steps) is a book read by spies to improve their skill in the espionage game. This book can be found in various locations over the different missions. Picking up a Spy Training Manual will earn the player 200 Skill Points in No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way.

After her near-death experience in Japan, Cate Archer was reading this book while she was recovering back at UNITY Headquarters.

Archer had been recovering for nearly two weeks, so she had plenty of reading time.

While searching the abandoned home of Melvin Blitzny in Akron, Ohio, Archer found a copy of the Spy Training Manual in Blitzny's "Inner Sanctum" along with several other books and publications.

Balaji Malpani had a copy of this book in his room at the Hotel Happy Guest in Calcutta, India.

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