The South Pacific.

The South Pacific is a term used for the Pacific Ocean located on the southern half of the planet Earth. It is located between Australia and Chile on the South American continent. The continent of Antarctica is located to the south. This part of the ocean contains many various islands including Fiji and the Bikini Islands.

After Cate Archer had completed her assignment in stopping H.A.R.M. from using the bio-weapon developed by Dr. Schenker to terrorize the world, UNITY sent her on "vacation" to a small unnamed island in the South Pacific. The only communication with this island was a boat that came once a week from an unnamed mainland bringing in tourists and supplies. Cate discovered that this tropical island vacation spot was also a cover for a secret base for H.A.R.M. The base was located in some ancient ruins on a volcano on the far side of the island. When Cate shut down the lava control system, it destroyed the base. The island was also going to be a filming location for a new reality TV show. Monkeys inhabited the island and were considered a menace by the current occupants. However due to the monkey themes found in the ruins and the Monkey Masks found on the island, the previous occupants may have worshiped the monkey.

It is doubtful that this unnamed island is the Bikini Island base plans that Archer had found due to the radioactive contamination that was present on that island.

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