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A snowmobile.

Snowmobile driving

Archer riding a snowmobile.

A Snowmobile is a motorized tracked vehicle that riders can use to travel in environments that are snowy and winter-like.

No One Lives ForeverEdit

UNITY had a training session for Cate Archer with a snowmobile on a driving course. This was the same course used for the training with the Motorcycle.

While following Baroness Dumas in the West German town of Kleinstadt, Archer found an advertisement from Crazy Sid's Snowmobile Hut. They were advertising the new Z-480 snowmobile for sale.

From a hunting Cabin in the German Alps, Archer is able to ride a snowmobile to the service Gondola near the Dumas Chateau.

As Archer was making her way down the mountain, after fighting off the H.A.R.M. helicopters, she encountered Dmitrij Volkov who had traveled by snowmobile to catch up to her.

It is assumed that Archer then used this snowmobile to get back into town.

A Cheat codes can be typed in to make a snowmobile appear next to you.

No One Lives Forever 2Edit

After Archer and Mischa landed in Siberia, Archer needed to find some gas to use in the snowmobile. She raided a nearby Soviet Army outpost to find the gas. Then she was able to use the snowmobile to travel to her various objectives before infiltrating the Soviet archives. She then used a snowmobile, to get back to her Airplane to get the information on Project: Omega out of the country.

After Archer had left, the Unity Intercept Team used snowmobiles to approach the base and destroy the M-9 Data Processing Unit so it could no longer be used by the Soviets.

Contract J.A.C.K.Edit

While working for Volkov, John Jack fought his way into a Czechoslovakian Army to commandeer a military prototype snowmobile. This snowmobile was armed with a Rocket launcher.


  • Archer is seen driving a snowmobile on the Game of the Year inside box cover of The Operative: No One Lives Forever. She is facing off against two opponents on a single snowmobile (a scene that does not appear in the game).
  • While you cannot use a weapon while driving the snowmobile, you can use it to ram into an enemy to kill them.
  • In the multiplayer deathmatch game of NOLF2, the only way to "run" from an Angry Kitty that had targeted you is with a snowmobile. However if you stop, the Angry Kitty would catch you.

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