ContractJACK skis

A pair of skis owned by Dmitrij Volkov.

Skiing is a winter time sport where participants usually travel down the sides of mountains on a pair of skis at fast speeds. Most skiers usually stayed at a ski lodge near the mountain runs. Another variant of the sport is cross-country skiing.

Cate Archer found a proposal from Hans Brother's Builders to Baroness Dumas to build the 8,000 square foot Dumas Ski Lodge in the Italian Alps.

While infiltrating the Dumas Chateau, Archer found an envelope with two free lift tickets to the Snowy Mountain Ski Resort and Casino.

According to a Soviet Army military readiness report found by Archer in Siberia, General Nikolai Zhukov was fond of cross-country skiing.

Dr. Harij had never been skiing after hearing it was dangerous.

Dmitrij Volkov was injured in a skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. He reached out to clout an unsuspecting child and ended up entangled with the child's sister. They both fell off of a 100 foot cliff. While the girl died from the fall, Volkov survived but was confined to a mechanized wheelchair due to his injuries.

The scene at the end of the credits for Contract J.A.C.K. hints that John Jack may have done something to Volkov's skiing equipment.

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