NOLF2 Siberia

A Rabbit observes Archer's arrival in Siberia.

Siberia is a section of the Soviet Union. It is a location known for it's cold winters and harsh conditions. Several previous governments that controlled the region used it as a place to send prisoners or unwanted citizens.

Issac Barnes believed that a Soviet Army base located in Siberia was used to coordinate the secret weapons program known Project Omega and a possible invasion of Khios. He requested that UNITY send Cate Archer to this base to investigate.

When they arrived in Siberia, Mischa stated that Siberians make good Butter.

General Kopat had General Nikolai Zhukov assigned to the military base in Siberia after they had a falling out in Petrograd.

Siberia was also home to the Siberian Hockey League.

Prior to 1968, Pupkov Laboratory conducted an experiment for Project Eyes Wide Open. Group A in the experiment was based in Siberia. The group was allotted 18 Cigarettes and 9 cups of Coffee per day.

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