NOLF2 Shiriken

The Shuriken is a thrown bladed weapon from Japan. It is usually in the shape of a star.  This weapon is very silent.

The members of the various Ninja clans in Japan would utilize the Shuriken as a ranged weapon. While it does not have the distance of a firearm or crossbow, it is just as deadly in the hands of a skilled user.

Cate Archer and members of the UNITY Intercept Team can find Shurikens on fallen ninjas. Once the have these items, they can then use them.

Archer found a batch of Shurikens in Isako's practice facility located in at H.A.R.M. Headquarters. She later used one of these Shurikens to prevent The Director from killing Isako. This placed Isako in Archer's debt.

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  • Katana - A sword used by Ninjas in Japan.

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