The Shipping Manifest of the Lorelei.

The Shipping Manifest is a record that documents all of the cargo found on-board the Freighter Lorelei.

When Cate Archer was preparing to sneak on-board the Lorelei at the Bremen docks, Tom Goodman instructed her to photograph the Shipping Manifest. Before she had a chance to do so, Magnus Armstrong knocked her out and had her locked in a storage room on the ship. Before Archer could escape, timed Explosives went off preventing Archer from obtaining the Shipping Manifest. She just had time to place a Beacon on the Radio before having to abandon ship.

Needing to retrieve the Shipping Manifest and the Captain's Log from the sunken vessel, H.A.R.M. sent a Submarine carrying Armstrong, Inge Wagner and several divers to the North Sea. Armstrong's instructions to the divers were to retrieve the manifest and log (as well as a bottle of Laphroaig he had in his quarters}.

Goodman and Archer were on the surface of the North Sea in a Boat also preparing to retrieve the Captain's Log and the Shipping Manifest. Archer was able to find the Shipping Manifest just before entering the cargo area full of Sharks.

Back at UNITY Headquarters, Mr. Smith reported that the mysterious Chemical Containers photographed by Archer were not listed on the Shipping Manifest.

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