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A shark found on the Freighter Lorelei.

A Shark is an aquatic predator and is a member of the Fish family. While around dangerous sharks, divers can use a Shark Cage to protect themselves. In the context of the games, touching one at any point means instant death.

The Operative: No One Lives Forever[]

In the exotic aquarium at the Das Einsame Valkyrie in Hamburg, West Germany, there is a shark swimming around.

Cate Archer was trying to sneak on the Freighter Lorelei when she overheard a supervisor chewing out one of his employees. He threatened to feed the employee to the sharks if he caught him sleeping again.

When Archer scuba dives down to the sunken Lorelei, she encounters sharks in the cargo hold. A few well placed hits from the Morris Model 14 Speargun will dispatch the sharks.

Archer overheard two Dumas Industrial Enterprise employees that were talking about a foiled plot by Fist of Injustice that was centered in Taiwan. One of the members of the organization had "got a conscience and ratted out to the cops." Because of this Fist of Injustice lost about 30 guys. The person who informed the authorities was later turned into shark food.

A shark is contained in the lair hidden under the Chateau Dumas located in the West German Alps. As Archer attempts to cross a bridge over the water, a trap springs that pushes her into the water with the shark.

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way[]

While infiltrating a Soviet Army base located in Siberia, Archer discovered an intelligence item with a Soviet report. In it the Soviets feared that the United States would use tiger sharks to deliver bombs to Moscow by swimming into the Black Sea and up the Dnieper River. To travel in the fresh water, the report stated that the United States had fitted special apparatus to the sharks.

UNITY developed a one-manned Shark Mini-Sub designed to look like a shark.

While escaping from the H.A.R.M. Headquarters in Japan, Archer overheard two H.A.R.M. thugs talking about a co-worker who had been thrown to the sharks because he was trying to take credit for Project: Lambda.

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