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A pair of searchlights in Berlin.

Searchlights (also called Floodlights) is a device used to illuminate a larger area with a focused beam of light. It can be used by security guards or in nighttime shipping operations.

No One Lives Forever[]

Santa gave Cate Archer a course in Advanced Field Tactics on Searchlights. Santa warned that shooting the Searchlight would be just as bad as getting caught in the beam. He advised to study the pattern used by the Searchlights and avoid them. If Archer was seen by a spotlight, an alarm would be sounded.

The STASI had several Searchlights set up at their facility in Berlin.

There were Searchlights located behind the Das Einsame Valkyrie where H.A.R.M. thugs were loading barrels of Beer onto shipping barges.

Archer overheard two H.A.R.M. employees talking about moving a large number of shipping containers at the secret rocket launch facility on an island off the coast of Mandaru. When one of the employees asked if the shipping containers could be moved by Helicopter at night, the other responded "Sure if we could use floodlights."

Spotlights were equipped at the Dumas Chateau located in the West German Alps.

No One Lives Forever 2[]

The Soviet Army had Spotlights set up in several towers between the Old Records Building and the New Records Building at a base in Siberia.

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  • Spotlights were seen around the Fox Interactive logo at the start of NOLF1.

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