The Sahara Desert is a large hot desert that covers the majority of North Africa from Egypt in the east to Morocco in the west. It is the largest hot desert on Earth.

American tourist Martha found herself wandering in the Sahara Desert after being informed that her husband, Clark was actually a Soviet spy who had decided to abandon her and return to his original wife in the U.S.S.R. Delirious with grief, Martha wandered the desert and almost died of starvation until she was found by Berber nomads near the Moroccan town of Merzouga. It was then that Martha found the lies and deception had been filled by the reverence of the great desert and she had fallen in love with the Sahara. When Clark (who had later defected from the Soviet Union and signed up with H.A.R.M.) attempted to gain back her favor. Martha rejected him electing to stay with her new companion, the Sahara.

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