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The Fox uses a Safe Cracker.

You may be looking for the NOLF1 mission Safecracker.

In 1958, Cate Archer, then going by the alias The Fox, used a Safe Cracker to ply her trade as a Cat Burglar in England. It was a crude device that was able to punch in various code combinations into an electronic keypady allowing the user to bypass the lock.

It is possible that Santa may have developed the Code Breaker based off of the Safe Cracker.

Archer called her Safe Cracker a "trade secret". She utilized these tools to break into several safes in a local Brasserie (aka a pub) to gain access to the money located within.

Archer later used her Safe Cracker within in the Cramble Castle located in Scotland. This way she was able to replace the Robin's Egg with an exact replica.

This equipment item only appeared in the special mission Nine Years Ago.

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