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A UNITY agent breaks into a safe.

A Safe is a secure box or room that is used to store valuables or confidential documents. A person who breaks into a safe is usually called a safecracker. Some equipment used to break into safes include a Safe Cracker and a Code Breaker.

When Cate Archer plied her trade as a Thief during her days as "The Fox", she utilized a safe cracker to break into several safes in a local Brasserie (aka a pub) to gain access to the money located within.

In 1967, a UNITY agent infiltrated the French Embassy located in Santiago, Chile. A wall safe was located just behind the consuls desk. The agent had opened the safe and was rummaging through a Filing Cabinet just before Dmitrij Volkov caught and strangled him.

The Freighter Lorelei used the H-2000 Waterproof Wall Safe in the Captain's cabin. This safe was scheduled to be replaced due to faulty K Rings.

Baron Archibald Dumas was very proud of the safe located in the Dumas Towers in England. It contained the "paperwork" needed to run Dumas Industrial Enterprises and was protected by a deadly security system that included Infrared Beams and Poison Gas.

Baroness Felicity Dumas kept the list of intended victims of Project: Lambda in a safe located in an underground complex at the Chateau Dumas in West German Alps.

Balaji Malpani had a safe in his room at the Hotel Happy Guest in Calcutta, India. He kept his passwords located within this safe.

The H.A.R.M. Indian Headquarters had a multi-trapped safe in which they kept information on Project: Omega. As the safe was too well guarded, Archer had to "apply" for a job with H.A.R.M. by infiltrating a nearby Evil Alliance office and returning with the contents of their safe.

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