The STASI (officially known as the Ministry for State Security) was the secret police of East Germany. This often put them at odds with the western intelligence agencies during the Cold War. In the late 1960's the STASI was headed up by an unnamed Commandant who had a niece named Hana.

In East Berlin the STASI were keeping tabs on various German citizens in an attempt to thwart any plans by UNITY or other western intelligence agencies. To get around this UNITY used a Domino Effect exchange to keep secrets. The STASI Cryptography department was able to get a code phrase, but didn't know what it meant without the other code phrases.

The heavily guarded STASI Records and Research Facility was located in East Berlin. On September 17, 1967 Cate Archer was sent to infiltrate the facility with two goals. To photograph records of research by Dr. Schenker and to assist Dr. Schenker in his request to defect to the west. The guards at this facility were armed with AK-47 and also used German Shepherds as guard dogs.

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