Ten Rupees.

The Rupee is the official currency of India and other south Asian countries.

When members of the UNITY Intercept Team arrived in Calcutta, they discovered that they could not get past Crazy Harij without paying him 50 rupees to go through "his" gate. Members of the team were able to find some rupees in random locations or by searching the bodies of the Indian H.A.R.M. thugs.

Kamal Khubchandani was photographed by Evil Alliance thugs when he was talking with UNITY agents. The Evil Alliance thugs then threatened to send the photos to Kamal's boss, Anoop Banerjee, unless he paid them 5,000 rupees. Luckily, Kamal had convinced Cate Archer to recover the pictures which allowed him to come out of hiding. After recovering the photos, Kamal gave Archer 50 rupees to get past Crazy Harij.

Evil Alliance paid 10,000 rupees to an unnamed agency to do a trademark search for Operation: Venkatachalapath the only possible conflicts they found was Venkatachalapathi Plantation and Venkatachalapathi Rodent Removal. The agency thought these were sufficiently distinct to cause any issues.

Nanda Devi Window Washers had cleaned the windows outside the H.A.R.M. India branch headquarters. They had not been paid the 47 Rupees for the task and sent a letter of complaint to the Comptroller, Erin Keyes.

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