John Jack approaches the Moon in a Rocket.

A Rocket is a Missile like vehicle that uses chemical propellants to lift people and cargo into orbit around Earth and beyond.

No One Lives Forever[edit | edit source]

Dr. Otto Schenker informed Cate Archer, Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith that H.A.R.M. had their own space program with regularly scheduled Rocket launches. Archer was sent to an island off the coast of Mandaru to investigate this rocket facility. Once she arrived, she discovered that H.A.R.M. not only had rockets, but they were testing newer rocket engines. Using the welder function in her Cigarette Lighter, Archer was able to sabotage one of these tests. After discovering that a H.A.R.M. rocket was scheduled to make a launch soon, Archer confiscated a Space Suit and rode the rocket to the H.A.R.M. Space Station.

Contract J.A.C.K.[edit | edit source]

John Jack was tasked by Dmitrij Volkov to investigate why a small time Italian criminal organization known as Danger Danger was interested in a military facility in Czechoslovakia. Fighting his way into the facility past the Czechoslovakian Army and Danger Danger thugs, Jack discovered that the base held a secret rocket launch facility. Using the Interrogator Turbo 2000 on a Danger Danger thug, Jack was able to find out that Dr. Harij had survived when the remains of the H.A.R.M. Space Station crashed on the surface of the Moon. Il Pazzo and his Danger Danger thugs were able to hijack one of the rockets within the facility before Jack was able to stop them. Luckily for Jack, a second rocket was available. He was able to get the rocket into position and fueled before Furio had one of his men steal the rocket launch key. Jack was able to track down the key and take off in the last rocket to the Moon.

Jack was able to land the rocket at the crashed space station, only to discover that Il Pazzo had found Dr. Harij first. Before Jack could rescue the mad doctor, Pazzo had his men blow the charges throwing Jack and his rocket into orbit around the Moon. Jack was able to fight off the Danger Danger thugs before reaching his rocket and returning to Earth. Jack was able to "land" his rocket at the Danger Danger Headquarters, causing a brief panic by some of the thugs thinking they were being invaded by Martian invaders.

Jack's rocket was equipped with a Laser Rifle, but not a space suit.

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  • Missile - A rocket like weapon that delivers an explosive warhead.

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