NOLF2 Siberia

A rabbit in Siberia.

A Rabbit is a furry mammal with large ears and feet used for hopping. They are common in many different areas and are sometimes used for pets or food.

The Fuzzy Slippers used to quite walking noise are in the shape of pink rabbits.

A rabbit observed Cate Archer and Mischa arriving by Airplane in Siberia. Rabbits were seen all over Siberia. Members of the Soviet Army would kill and cook rabbits for food.

A player could shoot or run over rabbits while in Siberia.

Anoop Banerjee had contracted Vicious, Mean, and Nasty-Animal Importers to provide him with a pack of weasels from Canada for use in the death trap guarding his Safe. Unfortunately, the company informed him that the animals were on back-order and provided him with rabbits instead claiming that they were quite vicious.

Rabbits were also seen by John Jack in Czechoslovakia while he was trying to "infiltrate" a Czechoslovakian Army base.

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