Prem is one of the thugs working at the India branch of H.A.R.M. in Calcutta.

After Cate Archer was able to get the password for H.A.R.M.'s Indian headquarters from Balaji Malpani, she encountered Prem just inside the facility. In their discussion, Prem denied that they had a Chief of Security and faked knowing anything about H.A.R.M. Using hypothetical questions, Archer was able to trick Prem into revealing the location of Anoop Banerjee's office. However before she could head upstairs, Prem reminded her that she did not have clearance to access that part of the building. He offered to tell Banerjee that she was here to see him. While Archer was attempting to sneak past the guards, if she talked with Prem he refused admittance to the lobby area.

After Archer had planted the Telephone Bug on Banerjee's Telephone, she hid in a corner of the office. After Banerjee's conversation, he called Prem stating he was ready to see the girl now.

When Archer was attempting to pull down the Wanted Posters being hung by the Calcutta Police, she came across a letter from Prem to his beloved, Lala Fagueera. Prem wanted to elope with Lala before her father could marry her off.

Archer was able to complete her mission to wreck the India branch headquarters of Evil Alliance and was hired by Banerjee. When Prem was talking with Archer, he asked if she was the new Secretary and then asked for Coffee and a massage. When Archer didn't respond to either request, Prem commented that she wasn't a very good secretary.

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