NOLF1 Perfume

A perfume bottle in Archer's apartment.

Perfume is a liquid scented spray used to deliver an agreeable scent to people. In the 1960's, perfume is usually held in a bottle with a pump like atomizer which, when squeezed, would disperse the perfume. A second bottle type had a pump sprayer at the top that would deliver the perfume.

No One Lives ForeverEdit

Cate Archer had a perfume bottle in her bathroom within her London apartment.

Santa had set up several special perfume bottles to hold disguised weapons. They include Acid Gas, Sleeping Gas and Stun Gas.

No One Lives Forever 2Edit

UNITY developed a Body Remover that was dispersed in a Perfume spray bottle.

Contract J.A.C.K.Edit

When John Jack was waking up from a hungover night at The Drunken Scotsman, the only thing he could remember was cheap Whisky and cheaper perfume worn by someone be believed to be named Candy.

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