P-421 Canine Persuader is a robotic replica of a Poodle developed by Santa at UNITY for use by the field agents as a way of distracting guard dogs. The item appears only in the original game. A related piece of equipment, Angry Kitty, that shares certain similarities with the Persuader appears in the second installment of the series.

Description[edit | edit source]

The persuader in action.

The poodle is activated by extending its tail and then placed on the ground. It will then seek out a suitable target if placed within a certain distance from it. Once it is close enough, it will release powerful pheromones that will distract the guard dog, thus allowing the agent to slip by without causing a disturbance. The persuader can't be reused after being activated.

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  • The persuader is of limited use since there are only very few occasions where to use it.
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