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The No One Lives Forever (abbreviated NOLF) series is a series of stealth-action/first person shooter video games in a 1960s' spy-themed setting with atompunk elements. It consists of three games. Its Cold War humor plays a big part, and also makes fun of spy films' stereotypes, sexism, problems of society, 60s culture and etc. Levels could be completed with either dynamic and jolly firefights or interesting and atmospheric stealth. The various plots revolve around confrontation between various organizations (such as UNITY and H.A.R.M.) and world terror.

Release year Developer Publisher Platforms
The Operative: No One Lives Forever 2000 Monolith Production (Windows, PlayStation 2), MumboJumbo (Macintosh) Fox Interactive Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 2
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way 2002 Monolith Production (Windows), The Omni Group (Macintosh) Sierra Entertainment, MacPlay (Mac OS) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Contract J.A.C.K. 2003 Monolith Production Sierra Entertainment Microsoft Windows


  • The lack of a remastered version of the games and/or a threequel is due to a question of copyright ownership, where 3 companies are involved: Warner Bros. (bought Monolith Production in 2004), 20th Century Fox (owned by Disney) and Activision Blizzard (purchased Vivendi Universal Games, which eariler bought Fox Interactive). All those companies althought may own rights to some part of NOLF property, can't say if it is true and if is, what part of property they have. Nightdive Studio tried to find answers to that question back in 2014, when they wanted to remaster NOLF games. But were unsuccessful in finding an answer to that question. However, Nightdive's CEO (Stephen Kick) said that he's never going to stop trying to revive the series.
  • In early development, NOLF pitch was more akin to a sequel of the Monolith anime-esque game Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. However due to few failures in finding a publisher, mentioned pitch was evolving, eventually abandoning that concept. Finally an idea of spy-themed game caught an interested of Fox Interactive and a deal was struck. At start with a "spy look", due to suggestion of someone from NOLF publisher game was moved to 60's.
  • Cate Archer (counting her cameo in Contract J.A.C.K.) and Dmitrij Volkov appear in all three games.

No One Lives Forever series
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