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A female ninja.

A Ninja was a type of Japanese warrior trained in the stealth arts. Most ninjas belonged to, and received training from, a ninja clan. The primary weapons of the ninjas encountered in No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way are Katanas and the thrown Shuriken. They may be not so dangerous, but annoying.

According to a UNITY report from Bruno Lawrie, ninjas are trained to lunge great distances for powerful strikes against their enemies or to go on the roofs. They can also use Smoke Bombs to vanish. Ninjas are also known to use Poison.

Ninjas can be work for various organizations (such as H.A.R.M.) on a variety of different mission types (usually assassination). There have also been battles between the various clans.

One of the abilities that some Ninjas posses include the ability to tell time by the slit of a Cats eye in the daylight hours. To attract the cat, a Ninja may carry some dried Fish.

Some of the older ninjas thought that younger ninjas did not dress properly for the occupation. The younger ninjas wanted to dress for the 1960's.

Known Ninja Clans[]


  • Ninjas are probably shout-out to NOLF's origin as sequel of anime-esque game Shogo.
  • All ninjas shown in No One Lives Forever 2 are female. A female ninja is called Kunoichi.
  • From Diary of a Double Agent, Scene 2 the ninjas will disappear in a puff of smoke after being killed. Archer can still search the bodies if she starts before the bodies disappear.

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