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A special tool developed by UNITY, the Nail Clipper Lock Pick was used by Cate Archer and the UNITY Intercept Team to unlock various Locks encountered on different Missions.

The Nail Clipper Lock Pick could not be used on combination locks.

This item became standard equipment starting with the mission Project Omega. It is disguised as a pair of nail clippers to not arouse suspicion when carried openly.

Archer used her Nail Clipper Lock Pick to get into the Siberian Cabin after Mischa forgot to bring the keys with him.

When the UNITY Intercept Team was attempting to track down Balaji Malpani in Calcutta, they had to find a set of Nail Clipper Lock Picks in order to break into his room at the Hotel Happy Guest. Luckily they were able to find a pair in a nearby Newspaper Box.

If one member of the UNITY Intercept Team collected the lock pick, another would re-appear in the same location after a short time.

If the player uses Skill Points on Gadgets, they will be able to pick locks faster.

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