The No One Lives Forever 2 fansite kit (also called Site Building Resources) is a compressed computer file, that includes images and logos related to No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way. The file is intended for fans to use NOLF2 material on their fansites.


The NOLF2 fansite kit comes as a compressed .zip archive, originally released as The following is the folder structure within the zip.

    • Fan Site Guidelines.doc – A Word document detailing the guidelines for using the included material
    • characters
      • armstrong.psdMagnus Armstrong
      • Cate_1.psdCate Archer
      • Cate_2.psd – Cate Archer
      • Cate_4.psd – Cate Archer
      • Cate_5.psd – Cate Archer
      • Cate_6.psd – Cate Archer
      • CGCate-Final.psd – Cate Archer in winter clothes and holding a crossbow. Created for Computer Games magazine (see Final August issue.jpg in print folder)
      • CGW_Cate_Final.gif – Cate Archer holding a gun to the camera. Created for Computer Gaming World magazine (see AprCGW.jpg in print folder)
      • Dr_shenker_Returns.gifDr. Schenker
      • General_Hawkins.gifGeneral Hawkins
      • NinjaKatana.psdOnion skin picture of a Ninja enemy wielding a Katana
      • NOLF2_zIndiaHARM.psdAnoop Banerjee and two Indian H.A.R.M. guards
      • NOLF2_zMime.psd – A mime
      • NOLF2_zSniper.gifSniper rifle (not actually a character, obviously)
      • Soviet_Render.pds – A Soviet guard
    • items
      • logo-foxinteractive.jpg – Logo of Fox Interactive
      • logo-monolith.jpg – Logo of Monolith Productions
      • logo-nolf2.psd – Logo of NOLF2
      • logo-nolf2-black.jpg – Logo of NOLF2 on a black background
      • logo-nolf2-white.jpg – Logo of NOLF2 on a white background
      • logo-sierra-black.jpg –Logo of Sierra Entertainment on a black background
      • logo-sierra-white.jpg –Logo of Sierra Entertainment on a white background
      • logo-sierra-white.psd –Logo of Sierra Entertainment on a white background
      • logo-sierra-whote.psd –Logo of Sierra Entertainment on a black background
    • print
      • AprCGW.jpg – Magazine covers of the April 2002 issue of Computer Gaming World magazine, featuring Cate (see CGW_Cate_Final.gif in characters folder)
      • Dec Cover.jpg – Magazine covers of the December 2001 issue of PC Gamer magazine, featuring Cate
      • Final August Issue.jpg – Magazine covers of an issue of Computer Games magazine, featuring Cate (see CGCate-Final.psd in characters folder)
      • nolf2-box-cover.jpg – Box cover of NOLF2
      • nolf2-poster.jpg – Poster of NOLF2