Mulligatawny is a type of soup served in India.

Anoop Banerjee's right hand man, Balaji Malpani, was responsible for coming up with the password of the day to gain access to the H.A.R.M. Indian Headquarters located in Calcutta. On the date that Cate Archer attempted to infiltrate the headquarters, she used a Telephone Bug to record a conversation between Bannerjee and Malpani. Malpani stated that he wanted to use Mulligatawny as the password. Banerjee was not very enthused by this suggestion and changed the password to something else instead.

If the player did not play back the recording on the telephone bug, they will find the attempt to use Mulligatawny as the password will fail.

In Malpani's Safe he had a memo stating his intent to use Mulligatawny as the password of the day.

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