Mbike model

A motorcycle.

Mbike driving

Archer riding a motorcycle.

A Motorcycle is a motorized two-wheeled vehicle used for traveling over land.

When Tom Goodman was talking with Cate Archer about the women's liberation movement, he was under the impression that women's libbers wanted to ride motorcycles and smoke Cigars.

UNITY had a training session for Archer with a motorcycle on a driving course.

Archer found a motorcycle behind the Dumas Lumber Company facility in Washington. She used it to travel to the hidden H.A.R.M. underground base where Dr. Otto Schenker was being held.

When Archer discovered that H.A.R.M. was using a resort island in the South Pacific as a cover for their activities, she used a motorcycle to travel to a nearby Volcano where a hidden base was located.

In the The Operative: No One Lives Forever End Credits there is a Special Thanks to Triumph Motorcycles.

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  • Archer is seen driving a motorcycle on the Game of the Year box cover of The Operative: No One Lives Forever.
  • While you cannot use a weapon while driving the motorcycle, you can use it to ram into an enemy to kill them.

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