Morris Monroe was the United States Ambassador to West Germany who was vacationing in Morocco. He was marked for assassination by H.A.R.M. and it is up to Cate Archer and Bruno Lawrie to thwart this attempt in Misfortune in Morocco. Despite their best efforts in the first part of this mission, the ambassador is killed nonetheless by Dmitrij Volkov, shown in a cutscene. In this cutscene a blue car is shown and Monroe's voice can be heard giving out to the taxi driver. He gets out of the taxi and a black car slows down in front of him and a gunshot can be heard. When the black car pulls away Monroe is lying dead on the ground with a red lily beside him. Judging by the sound of the gunshots, Monroe was killed with the Geldmacher SVD. His age is unknown. He is portrayed as almost deaf and incredibly nearsighted, with an arrogant personality.