While being short and stout, Morgan Hawkins fully energized in his job of stopping the spread of communism and the influence of the Soviet Union. Hawkins smokes Cigars and drinks Whiskey. He accompanies Isaac Barnes on a visit to UNITY Headquarters to ask UNITY to investigate a secret Soviet weapons program called Project: Omega.

Hawkins holds the rank of five-star general in the U.S. Army. He prefers military solutions over diplomatic ones. While he was with Barnes at UNITY Headquarters, he drew up plans to invade the Soviet Union and was hoping to get President Lyndon B Johnson to sign off on the idea.

When the Mimes had invaded UNITY Headquarters, Hawkins commented that France should be invaded in order to get rid of all mimes.

While drinking whiskey at a bar, Hawkins was approached by The Director who encouraged him to pursue a military solution to the invasion of Khios. This was part of The Director's plan to push the United States and the Soviet Union into war. This encouraged Hawkins to push the launch button the moment a Soviet flag was raised on the island. Hawkins was giddy thinking he was going to get his war until Joseph Anders used a Laser to destroy the Missile. Hawkins burst into tears.

Memorable quotesEdit

"The second them Reds set foot on that island, Uncle Sam's got a Polaris-shaped surprise package waiting to be signed, sealed and delivered right to Moscow."

"We shoulda force fed them Commies a nuke-u-ler sandwich back in '62."

Hawkins "As you can see from this diagram, I've got it all figured out. You give me twelve hours, I'll give you Mother Russia."
Barnes' "Not a very detailed plan of attack."
Hawkins "We can work out the details later. The first thing is to get El Presidente to sign off on the idea."
Barnes' "Let me know what he says."

"I say once we take care of the Commies, we march into France and round up the rest of these clowns. We'd be doing the world a favor."

Hawkins "You think the President would let me push the button?"
Lawrie "I'm surprised he lets you use a telephone."


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