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A missile in flight.

Missiles in silos.

A missile fired at John Jack.

A Missile is a Rocket propelled weapon that contains an Explosive warhead. Some warheads could be nuclear in nature.

Missiles are the ammo used for the Briefcase Rocket Launcher and the Micromissile Launcher. Dmitrij Volkov and Il Pazzo both utilized missiles as weapons. Volkov had them installed on his Mechanized Wheelchair.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a Cold War conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1962. The Soviet Union was attempting to secretly place missiles on the island nation of Cuba. General Morgan Hawkins referenced this incident and talked about how they should have force feed those commies a nuclear sandwich back in 62.

Polaris is a type of missile used by the United States. While discussing the possible Soviet invasion of Khios, General Hawkins talked about how Uncle Sam had a Polaris-shaped surprise package that was ready to be signed sealed and delivered to Moscow.

When President Lyndon B Johnson was addressing the American public about the conflict at Khios, missiles in their silos were being prepped for launch. When the Soviet flag was raised over Khios by The Director, General Hawkins hit the red button launching a missile from a NATO Submarine. This missile was destroyed by Lieutenant Joseph Anders who had been turned into one of the Laser wielding Super Soldiers.

The Czechoslovakian Army had developed a prototype Snowmobile that fired missiles. This snowmobile was stolen by John Jack and used while "infiltrating" the Czech base in search of Danger Danger.

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