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"Vodka keeps me warm."

The heavy drinking Airplane pilot was hired by Santa to fly Cate Archer on her mission to Siberia to investigate a Soviet Army military base believed to contain information on Project: Omega.

Mischa is forgetful leaving the keys to the dacha behind, only remembering when they arrived. Luckily Archer had a set of Nail Clipper Lock Picks that she could use to open the dacha door.

When two Soviet soldiers arrived to investigate the airplane landing, Mischa hid.

Despite his dislike of Siberia, Mischa was aware of many interesting facts about the region. Like that people have been exiled to Siberia since the time of Genghis Khan or that Lake Baikal was the largest body of freshwater in the world. Mischa also stated that Siberians made good Butter before admitting that Siberia was an OK place.

While Archer was setting explosives at the Communications Tower, a patrol captured Mischa and brought him back to the outpost by the tower for interrogation. Santa warned Archer that Mischa had been captured and she was able to rescue him. Mischa was able to walk back to the dacha.

When Archer returned from the military base with the intelligence she came for, she found Mischa drunk on Vodka and hiding from the Soviet soldiers. Mischa asked for Coffee to sober him up to fly. As she was gathering the coffee, Archer found a letter from Mischa to his mother who had just moved to Cincinnati. Mischa had been sending her money to help support her.

Later, when Archer and Magnus Armstrong needed to investigate a hidden H.A.R.M. base in the Antarctica, Mischa flew them down in his small airplane. Mischa kept watch while the two investigated the facility. When he spotted H.A.R.M. Helicopters approaching, he warned Archer and advised that they must leave.

Memorable quotes

Igor: "What were you doing there?"
Mischa: "Vacation."
Igor: "You must take me for a fool. No one would come to this place for vacation!"
Mischa: "I come for hunting."
Igor: "Admit it, you're a spy."
Mischa: "Why would I come here to spy?"
Igor: "Because you know that a top secret project is being worked on at this base."
Solider: "Igor."
Igor: "What?"
Solider: "You just told him about the project."
Igor: "He tricked me!"
Mischa: "How did I trick you?"
Igor: "You got me to tell you about Project: Omega."
Mischa: "Project: Omega?"
Soldier: "Igor, you fool!"
Igor: "Damn it. This prisoner is too devious. We'd better torture him.


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