ContractJACK MiningLaser

A mining laser

A Mining Laser is a piece of equipment that uses Lasers to cut through hard rock and material. Batteries can be a power source for some Mining Lasers.

While chasing Il Pazzo and the captured Dr. Harij through the crashed H.A.R.M. Space Station, John Jack had to venture out to the surface of the Moon. There he found a Mining Laser with an empty battery and two empty battery slots. Jack was able to place two fresh batteries in the device and take the empty battery to a battery charger located within the facility. Once all three battery slots were filled with charged batteries, Jack was able to activate the Mining Laser and blast a hole into a different section of the space station to continue his pursuit of Pazzo.

While the Mining Laser was very destructive, it cannot be used as a weapon in Contract J.A.C.K.
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