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Mines in a training environment.

Mines are Explosive devices set in the ground (usually called a Mine Field) that are prepped to detonate if walked or driven over. They are used as a defensive barrier against intruders. In The Operative: No One Lives Forever, the mines contained a proximity detector that exploded when someone came within range.

While Cate Archer was perusing Dmitrij Volkov in Morocco, she came across a mine field. On it was a note from Volkov warning the H.A.R.M. Thugs not to enter the mine field. Inside the field was a Van and a Fire Extinguisher.

Santa modified the Spy-Glasses used by Archer to detect the proximity mines. She utilized them within the training environment. Santa warned that the tropical island that H.A.R.M. was using for a Rocket launch facility could contain mines.

A mine field was encountered on the way to the Dumas Chateau in the West German Alps.

It was not possible to wear the Spy-Glasses and drive a Snowmobile at the same time.

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